Savage MkII Single Shot Loading Trays Are Here!

Orange   Green   Blue   Pink   Black To all of you who have been asking for me to make one, they’re finally here!  The same single shot loading tray goodness that 47 Products has become known for is now available for the Savage MkII.  For those of you who don’t know the back story, here’s a quick summary.  About a year ago I introduced the Mall Rat Sled and Louse Lips Tray single shot solutions for the Ruger 10/22.  The community response was great, but there seemed to be a common chant from these Ruger guys, “Make one for the Savage MkII.”  I told people that I really wasn’t interested in making one for the MkII because I didn’t own one, and the community really wasn’t large enough to support a custom product like this. Two individuals stepped up right away and said, “Name your FFL and I’ll ship my rifle to you!”  Next up, Facebook lit up with people requesting me to build one.  After so many people so tenaciously requesting the solution, I finally figured I’d figure out what the fuss was about.  Enter my Savage MkII FV-SR.  After shooting it for a while, I realized that this platform was… Read More

Variety is great… too much variety is limiting.

** UPDATE ** I’m excited to say that both the Mall Rat Sled and the Louse Lips Tray have proven to be enough of a success that they are now available in the following colors:  Orange, Green, Blue, Black, and Pink.  Thanks to all of you who have made these products a success. All are now available here: ** /UPDATE ** I’ve been asked a few times now why the products I’ve released to date have been available in only one color, pink.  The reasoning is grounded in the spirit and goals of 47 Products, LLC, so I figured I’d answer it here and point to if each time I’m asked. Let’s first start with what 47 Products, LLC is and what it is not.  While we do manufacture exciting new products, it is not our goal to be the long-term manufacture of these products.  We leverage the FFF manufacturing method to quickly bring products to market; though it is fantastic for many needs, it is not necessarily the best method of manufacturing most products.  Using FFF we feel we are able to create a great product (we would not release them to the public if we didn’t), but there… Read More

What’s in a name?

47 started as an inside joke…  So many things in life are predictable, they come in simple steps you can count on.  Well, starting in late summer of 2016, my life changed. While jokingly talking to one of the sources of this unpredictability, I mentioned that my life used to be 1 2 3, but now it’s 1 2 and then something, sometimes that something is even me, comes swinging in on a rope yelling 47! 47, to me, is an attitude now.  It’s the expectation of the unexpected.  It’s figuring out how to embrace that twist and find out how to make something fantastic from it… and forming a corporation built around bringing some exciting new products to the market, well that’s a great example of one of those 47 moments. So, 47 Products has nothing to do with a count, it has everything to do with a spirit that I hope you will find in everything we produce.