** UPDATE **

I’m excited to say that both the Mall Rat Sled and the Louse Lips Tray have proven to be enough of a success that they are now available in the following colors:  Orange, Green, Blue, Black, and Pink.  Thanks to all of you who have made these products a success.

All are now available here:  https://www.47products.com/index.php/shop/

** /UPDATE **

I’ve been asked a few times now why the products I’ve released to date have been available in only one color, pink.  The reasoning is grounded in the spirit and goals of 47 Products, LLC, so I figured I’d answer it here and point to if each time I’m asked.

Let’s first start with what 47 Products, LLC is and what it is not.  While we do manufacture exciting new products, it is not our goal to be the long-term manufacture of these products.  We leverage the FFF manufacturing method to quickly bring products to market; though it is fantastic for many needs, it is not necessarily the best method of manufacturing most products.  Using FFF we feel we are able to create a great product (we would not release them to the public if we didn’t), but there are some trade offs often with the materials available.  To that end, 47 Products looks to launch and prove a product in the market.  Once that has happened, it is our goal to partner with a manufacturer that can find the optimum manufacturing process and take the product to a wider market.  We do not expect every product that we release to become a viable product; so, until it proves itself, we’ll keep things simple.  It is the only way that 47 Products can be as nimble as we need to be to meet our goals of taking ideas and rapidly turning them into a product that the dreamer can hold in their hand.  Products that fit the 47 Products philosophy must have a narrow scope with limited options to start.

Given 47 Product’s purpose stated above, the limited options that are required as part of the design scope are then the job of the designer to choose.  For me, as the sole designer for both Louse Lips and Mall Rat, I settled on pink as the color for a very specific reason.  I wanted a product that was easily seen and identifiable.  In training situations, I wanted the safety officers (parent in some cases) to be able to glance at a rifle and know immediately if the proper single shot solution was being used or if a magazine was inserted.  Since orange and red are so often used as chamber flags, I wanted this product to be different in color, so I settled on pink.  I could have just as easily chose yellow, green, blue, etc…. but pink is where my mind went.  Likely because I have two beautiful daughters and a fiance that is mad about pink, but it was my design decision.  When I first started out, I my alpha model was white (Click HERE to see video of my alpha test…).  I did this so I could more easily identify fitment issues and mark the model for areas of concern.

After I had worked through design issues and opened my product to beta testing, I did seek feedback from the group as to the color.  Each of the individuals in the group felt that pink was an acceptable color given the goals.  We did discuss other options, but agreed for the launch, pink seemed to be a good fit.  There was also discussion about how that color would create some buzz at the range, so advertising was part of the scope, though somewhat an afterthought.

When that is taken into consideration along with the above, I hope you can see why decisions are made the way they are to limit options including color.

I am happy to report that the Mall Rat Sled has proved to be successful enough that we are considering adding additional color options.  Check our the products page for the options currently available for pre-order!  https://www.47products.com/index.php/shop/