What is 47 Products, LLC.

To be honest with you, I’m still trying to figure out what 47 Products, LLC is going to be.  In the spirit of the name (story here), this company grew out of embracing the unexpected.  It all started on a cool evening, sitting on the back porch, whiskey in my hand, and thoughts rolling around in my mind… I’d just recently taken up precision 22lr shooting and was going to be testing some different ammunition in my Ruger American Rimfire to see which grouped best. I’d done this before with my Ruger 10/22, but it was a pain reloading the magazine time and time again.  I wished that there was a way to just have a single shot loading tray, like my daughter’s Savage Rascal rifle. This wasn’t the first time I’d wished for such a product. I’d searched many times and I just kept coming to the same conclusion, “Somebody ought to make that!” Well, that evening it finally hit me… I’m that somebody! After months of design and many, many failures, I have succeeded in designing two solutions. The first product I finished is the Louse Lips Feeding Tray. To use this device you simply remove the feeding… Read More