What’s in a name?

47 started as an inside joke…  So many things in life are predictable, they come in simple steps you can count on.  Well, starting in late summer of 2016, my life changed. While jokingly talking to one of the sources of this unpredictability, I mentioned that my life used to be 1 2 3, but now it’s 1 2 and then something, sometimes that something is even me, comes swinging in on a rope yelling 47! 47, to me, is an attitude now.  It’s the expectation of the unexpected.  It’s figuring out how to embrace that twist and find out how to make something fantastic from it… and forming a corporation built around bringing some exciting new products to the market, well that’s a great example of one of those 47 moments. So, 47 Products has nothing to do with a count, it has everything to do with a spirit that I hope you will find in everything we produce.